Welcome to Land Mindz Incorporated!

An organization that promotes originality and inspires everyone to be great.


Land Mindz strives to make a difference in the lives of un/underserved people.

We execute cultural arts programming that build community, increase cross-cultural awareness and connect people. 

 Check them out below.

Macon the stage


An artistic event that bring people together!
Emerging, Established, and Experienced artist are given an opportunity to exhibit and share their creative brilliance, while the community gets a chance to enjoy and be "edutained" by varying cultural elements that reflect people of the community.

The gift of theatre

The Gift of Theatre provides a rich cultural art opportunity and promotes the importance of the arts with the next generation.  Students (youth) are engaged and provided access to live theatre experiences, at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, to further enhance their understanding of how history and art reflects and impacts individuals and communities. 

ONE Veteran's Voice

The One Veteran’s Voice project was created to honor the service and dedication of Erika Renee Land. Through this project Land Mindz highlights and deepen individual’s understanding of issues that can afflict all veterans, one veteran at a time.


Land Mindz Incorporated builds confidence, promotes self-sufficiency, and creates opportunities for un/underserved individuals through theatre and education.

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